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February 26, 2015. My GP visited today (interrupting lunch, of course) and pronounced me suitable for discharge. I'll be back home tomorrow. I'm still not 100% but I'd rather get well at home than here. Lindsay will collect me in a cab with a wheel chair and we'll stop on the way home for some shopping. I need to stock up on food.

OK Mike wrote the other day to say don't sweat the small stuff... referring to the bill from nursing home, etc... and it is SMALL STUFF, he continued. Point taken, Mike. OH Jim tells the same story about his diabetes.

Anyway, more after I'm back home. Gary

February 21, 2015. Lindsay phoned earlier this week to say I'd received a bill for $1000 from the nursing home. I phoned my GP to ask what the story was. He phoned the nursing home head office to ask what the story was, and asked them to contact me. Yeah right. Everybody is passing the buck and ducking for cover. No mention of money was made by anyone before I was transferred here. I was under the impression that respite was funded by Medicare. In any case, I can't afford that kinda loot. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for an explanation.

I trust you understand why Waffle is the sole point of info - I can't answer email (although I read it) or make comments on various forums because it's just too difficult to type.lying flat on my back or sitting up with a sore bum.

Nothing much has changed here - soooooo boring. I'll pursue the bill thing again on Monday. If it stands I'm outta here. Thanks everyone for your good wishes and loyalty. Gary

February 13, 2015. Ponderings... I think I became a little overwhelmed by everything that's happening lately - health, PJ, driver's license... and thoughts of selling and starting again. Nah, I've invested too much in PJ and would never get it back. The guy in Taree who expressed interest is a mate of Lindsay's so he'd be a cheapskate for sure.

As to the rego and insurance renewals, I'll let them lapse. After all, PJ ain't goin' anywhere for a while. I can renew anytime - midyear, whenever. No panic - one thing at a time.

FL Josh's card arrived today, printed with pics of PJ, the house and other things to motivate me. Well done... thanks Josh. He mentioned the Grey Nomads forum and the thread GARY KELLY UPDATE!!!!!!!! written after a couple of members phoned me in hospital a few weeks ago.

A physio checked me out when I first arrived here then vanished. But today, notices of my physio routine (assisted by nurses) were posted on my wall, so it looks like they're getting serious at last.

So that's it - no panic. Let things happen and deal with them as they occur... calmly. Yeah? Gary

February 12, 2015. Something to ponder. My driver's license is due for renewal in late March '15. One has to attend a registry office in person to be identified and photographed. My appearance is currently much different to what it was 2 years ago. There's no way in the world I'll be able to renew my license - or even resume driving by March.

For one thing, my recovery in respite will take up to 9 weeks (so the doc said today) which leaves 7 to go - the rest of Feb and all of March.

Around the same time - now - insurance, registration, and a repair to the auto choke are also due, amounting to a grand or so. Meanwhile, a guy from Taree is interested in buying PJ.

It's gonna be a while before I'm able to hold a license again (the current one is 5 yrears and all this cancer business has knocked me around quite a bit - I'm nothing like I was in 2010)

So is it back to the drawing board and start again by selling PJ while she's still registered, then using that money as a savings base. I already have a few grand saved. Even if I keep PJ, I can't drive it, and who knows for how long that will be? Gary

February 11, 2015. When I arrived at hospital a few weeks ago I couldn't stand let alone walk, now I can do both - and will continue to improve with practice. Food prepared properly is still an issue here - I'll fade away to nothing if they don't get it right soon. Which leads me to getting home. When? Dunno.

Had my nails done this morning by a young nurse - nice girl - gay, so we spoke about that issue and decided that it wasn't an issue. She's an athlete and loves her soccer. And me? Bored to tears. My GP visits tomorrow so I'll ask how much longer I'm booked in here. It sucks. Gary

February 7, 2015. So where am I? Bushland something is all I know. Must ask the next nurse who pops in. Karingal Gardens (part of the Bushland Group). FL Josh sent a card to the hospital which may or may not be redirected - they don't connect much. It's taken forever to get the food right.

And have I improved? Buggered if know I told Lindsay, I'll ask. So I did and the nurse said I look much better today than I have since arriving.

Sorry about short notes - bad typing position, sore lower back...have to keep moving around. Gary

February 6, 2015. In nursing home now for 4 or 5 days so far and still getting the food right...all drinks are thickened and gluggy but I'm eventually getting them to hold the glug. My own GP is the doc here and he asked  what's the goal? He answered himself with 'Get Gary Home'. Just got hooked up to nursing  home wi - fi - my own dongle  doesn't work. No physio here so not much exercise - need to practice walking. I'm still very weak. Pissed off with being bed ridden. Go anti bios go! Gary

February 2, 2015. Yes, I am improving - albeit slowly - breathing is easier and the coughing has subsided. Still need nurse help with toilet and shower tho. Will be sent to respite soon at a nursing home for more intense care for a few weeks then hopefully back home. Doc said I was one of his best patients.

Also phoned doc in Sydney to cancel op on lower gum in late Feb. Will organize another date when back to health.

But at first I was scared witless that this infection was it - the end - - all over red rover - but luckily this old bod still has life in it.



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