Location: Manning Valley
Date: April 2013

April 30, 2013. That's a lie. It's actually early May. I was hoping to have something for April but time got away. I asked a friend to help me load the camper onto the Courier but he failed to materialize in time. However, I did get Stan the Lawn Man to clear all the overgrowth from the drive to make it possible to put the camper and Courier together, and I video'd his amazing work (and cursing and swearing and bitching). I've edited the footage in readiness to add a shoot of the interior and exterior of the "motorhome" when it's all together. Its name is PJ - short for Pride and Joy. That will be during May.

Meanwhile, my friend Art from North Carolina sent these pics of what retired Boeing sheet metal workers do in their spare time. Check out the photo album.


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