Location: Manning Valley
Date: March 2013

March 16, 2013. There are some nasty people about. I nicked over to the Taree showground this morning to shoot the Saturday morning markets to see if I could produce an interesting video. One bloke was selling dog beds and pooch stuff. After I'd taken a couple of shots he came over to me and asked what I was doing. "Just fooling around," I said. Then he virtually accused me spying. "Taking photos of a person's stock without asking permission," he growled. So I repeated my reason for being there - just fooling around. "On your way," he demanded. "Understood?" So I nodded and wandered off.

Now there's a bloke who's paranoid about something. His stall was in full view of everyone in a public place. Maybe it was his "Aussie Bra" he was nervous about. Probably made in China. I was about to photograph the sign when he approached me. Anyway, the incident coupled with his attitude took all the fun out of my being there. I continued to take shots of other stalls, etc, but I was half expecting stall owners to kick up a stink and tell me to piss off. You'd think they'd welcome publicity but apparently not.

You can judge for yourself whether the bloke who bit my head off was justified or not. Anyway, it gave me something to do hehe. It's a lovely day too, and it was nice to get out in the sunshine and wander around for a bit, even though I was a bit shaken by the aggressive attitude of the stall holder. I feel better now that I've edited the vid and "gotten my revenge". Hopefully, the word will get around town. He'll probably beat me to a pulp if he sees me again. 

BTW, I was wearing my Ohio State 0 tee and a bloke approached me to say he was from Ohio and a Buckeye supporter. There ya go... right here in Taree.


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