Location: Manning Valley
Date: February 2013

February 21, 2013. Further to Feb 19's entry, here's the video of my recent trip to Sydney to see the quack - and do a whole bunch of photography and video on Sydney Harbor and Darling Harbor while I was at it. BTW, if you'd like a description of some of the exhibits at the National Maritime Museum, like the retired Navy ships and the old lighthouse, you can check out the web site here.

February 19, 2013. Took another trip to Sydney on Monday to see the doc about my progress with the cancer thing, no teeth and gums with an exposed bone problem. It's all okay. Slow but not getting any worse. He wants to see me again in early June.

This time I used the 5 hours or so before my appointment with the doc to check out Darling Harbor. I trained it to Circular Quay and then caught a ferry around to DH, alighting at King Street wharf and walking everywhere else. I was buggered by the time I'd finished! But I got some pretty good shots as well as a bunch of video. I'll put the video together in the next few days. Meanwhile, I've assembled the stills together in an album. I discovered a feature of the Jalbum program I hadn't seen before. It's a caption thingy... so pics that need a bit of explanation now have a caption. If you use the slide show feature, and the pic disappears before you've read the caption, pause the show and go back to the previous pic. Otherwise, view the pics manually and take as long as you want. Click here for the photo album and enjoy!

February 7, 2013. My friend Francois sent these photos of the iconic French car, the Citroen 2CV, all dressed up in leather by Hermes Interieur & Design. Click here for the album.


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