Location: Manning Valley
Date: August 2010

August 29, 2010. Yes, I know... I've been really slack this month. Must be age. Speaking of which, I'm 66 today. Bloody hell. Anyway, my mate TX Greg put together a couple of short videos for my birthday. They're a lotta fun so check 'em out. Click here for video 1, and click here (warning: contains flatulence) for video 2. (Requires Windows Media Player)

August 9, 2010. This morning at 6:45 I drove Lindsay and Sue to Taree airport for their flight to Sydney where they will connect with a Virgin Airbus to London via a stopover in Japan to see Sue's mother and sister... probably for the last time. Sue is not a well girl, and her mother is in her late 80s. Lindsay wore his genuine Akubra hat (despite never having stepped in cow poo) and his Ugh boots. He likes to think of himself as the 21st century's Crocodile Dundee. I told him that Taree airport was a shed, so he was pleasantly surprised to see a modern building with reasonably sophisticated amenities (opened in 1999). When we arrived, a small cargo plane was preparing for take-off, so I got a couple of shots of that. Shortly afterwards, the REX Saab, twin-engined, 340 turbo-prop arrived and taxied right up to the airport lounge. The bloke in charge of the airport (an American) organized a wheel-chair for Sue. She managed to negotiate the stairs into the aircraft without mishap, so it all went smoothly. Click here for the photo album.


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