Jan Gray & Friends
Australia's Top End


September 18, 2010. During August of 2010, Jan Gray, his wife, sister in law and her husband hired 2 Maui motorhomes and did a 2-week tour of the Northern Territory and the top of Western Australia, visiting Kakadu and Katherine Gorge.

A few weeks ago, Jan drove from Brisbane to Sydney and called in to Taree on the way to visit me and give me a copy of the pics he took of his Top End tour. Neither he nor his wife are pro photographers so what you'll see are typical touristy happy snaps. But they'll give you an idea of the kind of holiday they enjoyed. Jan's wife took a couple of helicopter and small plane rides to check out aerial views of the landscape. Jan on the other hand saw "350 miles of bitumen".

The Top End has basically two seasons; the wet and the dry. The dry is in winter but the temperatures remain pretty much summery with day tops between the late 20s and early 30s celcius. It's the best time to visit if you want to avoid downpours and muddy roads. The motorhomes, by the way, were equipped with all the mod cons including showers and toilets.

There are two sets of photos; one of Kakadu and Darwin, and another of Western Oz and Katherine Gorge. However I did notice come duplications. Jan didn't say a lot about the trip so there's not much I can tell you about it. The pictures will have to tell the story.

Click here for the first photo album.

Click here for the second photo album.

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