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Gary Kelly passed away in April 2015 after a long battle with cancer. His archive of stories lives on here in his memory. He will be greatly and deeply missed.

These stories contain references to bisexuality, homosexuality and drugs.
If you are offended by such references, please use your back button to exit this page.

Sure, I use sex to attract readers, but those readers soon become aware of the powerful, underlying message -- don't hate yourself for being gay. If those stories had saved only one life, then mine would have been worthwhile. But they've saved three that I know of, and given many thousands of people a happy and rewarding time. From my point of view, it all boils down to one thing -- the pleasure is all in the giving. Believe me, if you focus on giving, the rewards will blow you away. Gary


Green Room

Green Room

A compelling biographical account of a young Australian surfer from Byron Bay whose bisexuality dramatically influences the lives of everyone he knows. Kyle's sheer zest for life and genuine love for his friends attracts even the most unlikely of lovers. This is the story of Kyle's fascinating journey - an unforgettable experience, with all its warmth, joy and tears. It is a profoundly moving account of life itself; its challenges and triumphs.

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Green Room II

Green Room II

The true story of a teenager who lost his best friend in a car accident, and who took refuge in drug abuse to ease his pain. His astonishing story takes you from the horrible depths of depression to the glory of triumph over evil.

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The Inevitable Murder of Horace Fink

The Inevitable Murder of
Horace Fink

Teen surfer Dickson Bottoms is hired as a private investigator by a woman who believes that the murder of her husband is inevitable.

Dickson's task is to uncover a range of 'suspects' in advance so that, when the dirty deed is eventually perpetrated, the killer's identity will be a fait accompli.

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The Fink Curse

The Fink Curse

Sequel to "The Inevitable Murder of Horace Fink".

Teen-surfers and private detectives, Dickson Bottoms and Mick Morris, best mates, are embroiled in the murder of Horace Fink not only as investigators but also as suspects, together with several other people present at the crime scene. However, despite the presence of 13 people plus the victim, there are no witnesses. The Fink Curse finally reveals 'whodunit'.

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Joshua - or ZYX as he is dubbed by those who are suspicious of him and his intent - is an alien who finds himself stranded on Earth. To complicate matters, he has amnesia. Joshua, with some difficulty, befriends an Australian Aboriginal boy and is eventually accepted into the boy's family. This story is an opportunity to study human nature and its many contradictions from the perspective of a non human who comes from "way out there".

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